Understanding Glaucoma And Its Symptoms

Understanding Glaucoma And Its Symptoms

The optic nerve is perhaps one of the most vital components of human eyesight. As such, any injury or disease to this vital part of human eyesight can have serious consequences. In fact, the optic nerve as with any other nerve in the body is very slow to regenerate or will not regenerate at all once it has been damaged. That is why protecting and caring for this part of the eye is so essential. The optic never is literally a direct link between the eye and the brain, making vision possible.

Detecting and treating diseases and conditions that affect the optic never are vital to long-term eye health. One disease that can often go undetected and that can cause serious damage to the optic nerve is known as glaucoma. This disease is especially important to detect as early as possible because it typically causes irreversible damage to the optic nerve. Most notable about glaucoma is that it has virtually no symptoms. However, patients will report a reduction in peripheral vision in a gradual kind of way. Patients will eventually develop “tunnel” vision as a result.

Glaucoma causes optic nerve cells to die off at an accelerated rate. Interestingly, the nerves that are most vulnerable to this are the ones that are directly associated with peripheral vision. The most accepted indicator or risk factor related to the onset of glaucoma is high eye pressure as measured inside the eye. However, approximately 30% of patients dealing with glaucoma indicate normal eye pressure. As such, effective diagnosis and detection is considered to be rather challenging when it comes to glaucoma. New ways of detecting this disease will likely come to the forefront in the coming years.

Because it is this excess eye pressure that is the root of the problem with regard to glaucoma, the most effective way of dealing with this condition is to lower pressure within the eye. It is important to note that this is an accepted treatment even when normal eye pressure is indicated. From laser surgery to eye drops and invasive surgery, these are all considered viable options for treating glaucoma. Oral medication is used to offer treatment on rare occasions. Arizona Eye Center is a leading Phoenix eye care center that helps patients achieve their goals with regard to maintaining healthy eyes and excellent vision.

The Truth About Eye Floaters

The Truth About Eye Floaters

It seems that everyone has experienced eye floaters at one time of another. The big question has always been if this condition is of any danger to a patient or is the condition simply an annoyance? Vitreous floaters or eye floaters or as they sometimes are simply referred to as “floaters” become apparent when tiny bits of matter are suspended in the vitreous. The vitreous is a substance that is gel-like in composition that helps the eye to maintain its shape.

Vitreous floaters are seen as shapes that are described as dark and small. In some instances they resemble tiny moving spots or threads. Because they move or float, they get the name “floaters.” As these “specs” of matter float around the eye and are observed in the field of vision that can become annoying. Generally speaking, this is not a serious condition, where most people simply ignore their presence and live a perfectly normal life with no degradation of overall vision quality. However, there are other more serious related conditions that should be addressed.

Other diseases and conditions can indeed cause floaters. These include infections, bleeding, retinal tears, as well as injury to the eye. Patients should be aware of a sudden increase in the overall number of floaters in the field of vision. When there is a notable increase in floaters that is associated with flashes of light in peripheral or side visual fields there may be indication of retinal detachment. Retinal detachment is considered a serious condition that can cause permanent vision loss within a matter of days. Conversely, vitreous floaters are common and are considered a part of the natural aging process for most people.

Other people that commonly experience floaters include those with diabetes and those that are nearsighted. In addition, those that have gone through cataract surgery also commonly report the presence of floaters. The key point to remember is that when floaters are indeed associated with bright flashes of light that medical attention should be sought out immediately. Arizona Eye Center understands the annoyance of common floaters and the urgency of properly diagnosing retinal detachment. Contact Arizona Eye Center anytime you have a concern related to your vision. Arizona Eye Center offers the care you trust and the expertise you expect.

An Eye Exam Offers An Ounce Of Prevention

An Eye Exam Offers An Ounce Of Prevention

An exam is probably one of the simplest and most affordable ways to protect your vision. In fact, a standard eye exam can easily reveal a number of eye conditions in the very early stages of development. This is important because early diagnosis means more options for eye patients. It also means that eye doctors, eye surgeons and ophthalmologists have more treatment options available to them when it comes to treating a wide array of eye related conditions. In today’s modern world, exceptional eye care that saves vision and improves vision is readily available. This is perhaps why an eye exam does indeed offer an ounce of prevention.

From glaucoma to macular degeneration and cataracts, early diagnosis can make all the difference for patients. A simple eye examination simply makes smart sense for those wishing to maintain their eyes in the best health possible. In addition, an eye exam is a great way to keep you eye prescription current ensuring the best vision possible. With so many clear and obvious benefits to a standard eye exam it is difficult to image not scheduling an appointment at least once each year as a proactive measure.

Modern eye doctors routinely take full advantage of the latest in technology as a way to improve patient’s vision and appearance. Change how you see the world, or how the world sees you by staying proactive with regular and routine eye care and eye exams. From medical eye examinations, cataract surgery to laser vision correct, corneal surgery, eyelid rejuvenation and more, Arizona Eye Center welcomes every patient with a smile. With exceptional “cataract outcomes” and an overall impressive track record across a wide spectrum of eye related services, Arizona Eye Center is always ready to assist those with eye related concerns.

Patients can expect the best results when they work with an experienced Phoenix ophthalmologist and an eye care center that exceeds expectations on a daily basis. Offering a variety or procedures from LASIK to cataract related surgery Arizona Eye Center has every aspect of eye care under its watchful eye. Experienced and friendly care is what patients have come to expect from Arizona Eye Center. Improving your future just became a lot easier thanks to the experienced and friendly people of Arizona Eye Center.

Discover All That Modern Technology Has To Offer Eye Patients

Discover All That Modern Technology Has To Offer Eye Patients

Having a serious eye disorder 100 years ago usually would spell disaster for a patient. Today, however, times have changed and as such eye doctors have more technology and science at their disposal than every before. This is great news for eye patients that are confronted with everything from cataracts to glaucoma and macular degeneration. With all the technology and science available today some conditions and eye related diseases are simply untreatable, however, the future looks quite promising.

Lasers have taken the lead in recent days as becoming perhaps one of the most versatile and useful tools available to eye doctors. Medical lasers offer patients everything from improved vision through the use of technology such as LASIK to relief from eye related disorders such as glaucoma. In addition, new and innovative technologies are always being introduced that make eye health more accessible and more affordable to more people than ever before. At no other time in history has maintaining the health of the eyes been easier and more convenient.

The staff at Arizona Eye Center understands the challenges of modern eye care and embraces the latest technology as a way to help eye patients achieve their eye health related goals. Arizona Eye Center views each patient as unique and as such offers customized treatment as a way to ensure the absolute best outcome. From basic and routine eye exams to advanced and complex eye surgery, Arizona Eye Center covers virtually every aspect of eye care and eye related health concerns. Arizona Eye Center also provides many treatments designed to help patients greatly improve their appearance.

Arizona Eye Center clearly has much to offer the residents of Phoenix. A professional staff of eye care specialists is always standing by ready to assist eye care patients young and old alike with a range of eye care and eye surgery services. The friendly care that patients deserve is always just a call or visit away with Phoenix’s premier Arizona Eye Center. From eyelid rejuvenation to corneal surgery to laser vision correction and cataract treatments as well as standard eye exams, Arizona Eye Center offers the care and guidance patients need and expect. Contact Arizona Eye Center to learn more about quality eye care services today in the great Phoenix Metro area.

Why a Regular Eye Exam Is So Important

Why a Regular Eye Exam Is So Important

The eyes like every other part of the human body must be maintained and checked regularly as a way to keep them healthy. In fact, by having a regular and routine eye exam at least once each year, insidious eye conditions and eye diseases can be detected much sooner. Faster detection of eye conditions and eye related problems means that there is a greater likelihood that effective treatment can be administered sooner. This is a common sense approach to smart eye care.

Eye exams that are preformed at regular intervals also afford a patient’s eye doctor the opportunity to become more familiar with the patient’s eyes, thereby making unusual changes more noticeable. With so many benefits it is hard imagine not making routine eye exams a regular part of one’s annual health care related routine. From glaucoma to macular degeneration and cataracts, eye examinations performed by an experienced eye doctor offer excellent health related returns to those that make personal health and wellness a priority.

Another key consideration with regard to this essential kind of exam is that it also allows a patient’s eye doctor to adjust and revise eyeglass prescriptions more frequently. Along with frequent eye examinations, an eye doctor can also recommend a wide array of added services for eye patients. For example, patients now have many choices with regard to improving eyesight. From LASIK to advanced contact lens technology and state-of-the-art eyeglasses, there are more choices today with regard to improving eyesight than was ever possible in the past. Regular visits to an eye doctor simply means enjoying better eyesight through all stages of life.

Arizona Eye Center is a premier provider of the best in quality eye care and eye related treatments. Improving vision just got a lot easier thanks to the friendly professionals at Arizona Eye Center. From the eye surgery Phoenix eye patients can depend upon to the ophthalmologists Phoenix AZ residents turn to for a wide range of eye related services, Arizona Eye Center is there to help. Explore what is possible with quality eye care by contacting, calling or visiting Arizona Eye Center today. Change how you see the world and how the world sees you today. Arizona Eye Center caters to your needs when you need the very best in eye care.

Dealing With Excess Eyelid Skin

Arizona Eye Center Procedures – Blepharoplasty

Disfiguration and deformities as well as a variety of defects that affect the eyelids can be treated with a procedure known as Blepharoplasty. The simple and highly effective plastic surgery procedure is used to change or modify skin abnormalities associated with the human eye. In particular the procedures specializes in correcting excess tissue surrounding the eye or parts of the eyelid. Eyelid surgery has been proven to be one of the best methods for improving not only physical appearance but in many cases vision. Additional skin located around eye or parts of the eyelid that requires removal or adjustment through the use of Blepharoplasty typically have extremely high success rates. Because the skin that composes the eyelids is some of the thinnest type of skin found anywhere on the body it requires special attention with regard to surgery.

A variety of conditions associated with eyelid skin and skin around the immediate eye area includes eyelids that either turned inward or outward, droopy eyelids that may affect vision, and excess eyelid skin that can also have an impact on the quality of vision that the patient experiences. The surgery is important because it not only improves the aesthetic looks of the patient but it also improves overall functionality with regard to the eyelids. Through the elimination of excess skin and the careful smoothing of eye muscles great success can be achieved for patients. Other work that can be accomplished during Blepharoplasty includes the reshaping of excess fatty tissue around the eye area as well as the tightening of supporting structures. All this combined is designed to produce a more natural looking and natural appearance with relation to the transition from the lower eyelid progressing towards the cheek.

In addition, other portions of the eye can be modified when performing Blepharoplasty. This includes surrounding tissues with regard to the eyebrows as well as upper nasal areas and even certain portions of the upper cheeks. This exacting an accurate plastic surgery has helped countless people achieve better vision and better physical appearance. Arizona Eye Center has developed a reputation for delivering high quality eye care services for patients of all ages. Considered one of the premier eye centers throughout Phoenix and the surrounding communities, Arizona Eye Center offers patients more options and more opportunities for improved vision and improved physical appearance than most would imagine.

Dry Eye Syndrome Info

Arizona Eye Center Procedures – Dry Eye Syndrome

A condition that is characterized by reduced tear production or unnatural and excessive tear film related evaporation, is known as dry eye syndrome. Patients with this condition often report a feeling of gritty or sand type irritation in their eyes as well as consistent burning and uncomfortable dryness. Other common symptoms that are frequently reported include redness and pain as well as persistent pressure located behind the eye. It is important to address this condition simply due to the fact that an ongoing condition can eventually lead to minor to more severe damage to the actual eye surface. In some instances symptoms include various types of discharges from the eyes. Whatever the symptoms experienced may be one thing is certain and that is that dry eye syndrome tends to irritate the eyes and can eventually cause eye related damage.

In addition, there are a number of activities that can cause dry eye syndrome to become aggravated or worse. From long-term computer screen exposure to extended driving periods and reading or watching TV for long durations, dry eye syndrome can be aggravated by any number of activities. It is also important to note the dry eye syndrome can become worse when an individual is exposed to smoky conditions such as a cigarette-smoke filled room or dry environments such as an aircraft cabin. Windy and dusty conditions can also attribute to dry eye syndrome becoming worse. Air-conditioned rooms or other places where humidity is low can also add to the irritation associated with this eye syndrome. The good news is that many people with this condition often see improvement over time without any permanent damage. With that said, if the condition is persistent and becomes worse it can indeed cause damage to the eye structure.

One of the best ways to ensure that dry eye syndrome does not cause any damage to the eye is to consult with an ophthalmologist or eye care professional. Arizona Eye Center is a trusted and respected name in a full range of eye care procedures and treatments. Residents of Phoenix have been turning to Arizona Eye Center for help and guidance with regard to a wide range of eye conditions for many years. With knowledgeable and experienced staff that is both friendly and sincerely concerned, you can be sure that you are getting the best eye care possible when you visit the Arizona Eye Center.

All About Glaucoma

Arizona Eye Center Procedures – Glaucoma

The eye disorder known as glaucoma is typically associated with excessive pressure within the eye that can affect the optic nerve. The major concern associated with glaucoma is that it typically causes permanent damage and loss of vision. When glaucoma is not properly treated or treated in time it will almost always lead to blindness. The condition is primarily characterized by a situation where fluid pressure in the eye is excessive. Optic nerve damage is the frequent outcome with regard to this insidious eye condition. Glaucoma is often referred to as the thief of sight or the silent thief because a gradual loss of vision can typically occur over a long span of time. Even more troubling is the fact that most symptoms begin to become obvious only after the disease has progressed to an advanced stage. Once vision has been lost with regard to glaucoma, it is virtually impossible to recover that vision.

Glaucoma is one of the most common causes of blindness in the world second only to cataracts. The condition affects people over 50 years of age at a much higher rate than those that are younger than 50. With regard to glaucoma it is important for eye patients to know that the progression of the disease can be slowed and even stopped to some degree with proper medical treatment or surgical procedures. Typical symptoms of this condition include loss of visual field that is gradual and progressive as well as changes in the optic nerve. In some instances, certain types of glaucoma can be characterized by patient’s seeing light halos that may or may not be accompanied by acute ocular pain. While the exact cause of glaucoma is not totally understood, there are some studies that suggest possible causes. Some suggest that genetics and diet can have an impact on Glaucoma or the development of the disease. Whatever the case may be, it is important to consult with that eye care provider as soon as possible if you suspect the onset of glaucoma or any other eye condition. Arizona Eye Center offers friendly and comprehensive eye care for patients. From cataract surgery to laser vision related corrections, Arizona Eye Center has the eye care services patients expect. With experienced eye surgeons and ophthalmologists, Arizona Eye Center can help you improve your vision and improve your quality of life.

Macular Degeneration Information

Arizona Eye Center Procedures – Macular Degeneration

Considered an age-related condition, macular degeneration is a condition that often affects older individuals. This insidious disease is troublesome because it often leads to the loss of vision with regard to the center vision field of the eye. The disease is also characterized by causing irreversible damage to the retina located within the eye structure. The condition is one of the more common causes of blindness in people that are over 50 years of age. It also make it virtually impossible to read normally or recognize familiar faces. One key feature of this disease is that an individual with macular degeneration still retains peripheral vision capabilities. While it is difficult, many activities associated with daily routines can still be accomplished through the use of peripheral vision in patients with macular degeneration. Because the macula is a unique part of the eye that is tasked with providing central vision, overall vision quality is substantially affected by this condition.

Because of the gradual deterioration of the eye’s macula the disease can sometimes be undetected in the early stages and can result in a progressively worse condition over time. In addition, because there is no known cure at present with regard to macular degeneration the best way to handle this condition is early detection. Some common symptoms with regard to macular degeneration include when familiar faces become difficult or impossible to recognize, as well as when straight lines written or printed on paper become wavy. These are clear signs that macular degeneration may be present. However, it is important for eye patients to always visit their Eye care Center for a definitive answer with regard to this type of eye condition. Arizona Eye Center has been helping the residents of Phoenix and the surrounding communities for several years running with regard to this common eye condition.

Arizona Eye Center will always discuss procedures with patients and offer the most beneficial options with regard to a variety of treatments that include surgical and non-surgical procedures. With a friendly and knowledgeable staff and the use of state-of-the-art equipment, patients can be sure that they are getting the best eye care possible when they visit Arizona Eye Center. From improving overall vision to improving physical appearance, comprehensive eye care that is handled by medical professionals can make a big difference in an individual’s life. Taking full advantage of advanced techniques and the latest technology, Arizona Eye Center can help you achieve your vision objectives.

Dealing With Cataracts

Arizona Eye Center Procedures – Cataracts

Decreased quality of vision is a common byproduct of something known as cataracts. This condition is characterized by a gradual clouding of the lens located within the eye. In fact, this condition is known to be one of the most frequent causes of blindness, yet it can easily be treated with routine surgery. Loss of vision occurs with regard to cataracts due to the fact that the lens of the eye is obstructed preventing light from passing as it normally would. When light is limited and unable to focus on the retina located at the back of the eye vision is greatly hindered. While there are many reasons why cataracts may form one of the most common is the age of the patient. As an individual becomes older the eye is more susceptible to cataracts. Typical indications with regard to cataracts include a brownish or yellowish pigment that is gradually deposited inside the lens of the eye.

Cataract development also causes the lens of the eye to become distorted to a degree. As such, cataracts reduce the amount of light that is able to enter the eye and they also change the architecture of the eye itself. A common complaint that is often heard from patients with cataracts is that it is difficult to distinguish colors and sharp contrast changes. When cataracts are present everything from reading a book to driving an automobile becomes more difficult. Bright lights and glare from lights tends to cause distress in cataract patients. Most notably, cataracts can make it difficult to recognize familiar faces. Cataract surgery intended to eliminate the negative effects of cataracts is one of the best remedies for this common condition. The process involves removing the cloudy lens and implanting a new artificial lens designed to completely restore vision. Many patients also report that reading glasses become less effective as cataracts progress. Eventually reading glasses no longer are able to allow a patient to read normally. Those with cataracts should know that they have options and can enjoy a better quality of life through the process of simple surgical procedures. Arizona Eye Center has been helping patients throughout Phoenix and the surrounding communities for several years running with regard to cataracts. Contact Arizona Eye Center today to learn more about the many options available with regard to cataract surgery.