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The Degeneration Of The Macula

Dealing with the onset of macular degeneration can be a challenge for almost anyone, and that is why a Chandler eye care professional should always be consulted when this type of disease may be suspected. While this disease is typically part of the natural human aging process it can usually be detected early and treated. While there may not be a cure for this type of eye condition there are procedures and treatments that can reduce the severity of this often life-changing condition. The disease causes the degeneration of the macula. This portion of the eye is found toward the back of the eye where the retina is located.

Certain Distortions Will Be Present

The main function of the macula is to enable an individual to see precise and fine detail. When this part of the eye is not functioning the way that it should a person’s central vision gradually becomes increasingly distorted and darker. A skilled and qualified Chandler Arizona eye doctor can be called upon to help with this serious medical condition. It is also important to note that when macular degeneration has been indicated in an individual’s eyes that certain distortions will be present. For example, the words on a page can often appear blurry, while a straight line will look wavy. In addition, it becomes increasingly difficult to distinguish the faces of individuals once macular degeneration has progressed.

A Group Of Dedicated And Experienced Eye Care Professionals

This is a serious and life-changing disease that requires the immediate attention of a skilled and qualified Chandler eye care professional. The good news for those living in the area is that the ophthalmologists Chandler AZ eye patient’s can turn to are close at hand. Arizona Eye Center is comprised of dedicated and experienced eye care professionals that take great pride in helping a wide range of patients improve their eyesight and quality of life. While macular degeneration and other similar types of diseases can create serious issues for patients, having the right eye care medical provider can make a big difference in how a patient handles these problems. Contact Arizona Eye Center for an annual eye exam today./p>

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