Dealing With Cataracts

Arizona Eye Center Procedures – Cataracts

Decreased quality of vision is a common byproduct of something known as cataracts. This condition is characterized by a gradual clouding of the lens located within the eye. In fact, this condition is known to be one of the most frequent causes of blindness, yet it can easily be treated with routine surgery. Loss of vision occurs with regard to cataracts due to the fact that the lens of the eye is obstructed preventing light from passing as it normally would. When light is limited and unable to focus on the retina located at the back of the eye vision is greatly hindered. While there are many reasons why cataracts may form one of the most common is the age of the patient. As an individual becomes older the eye is more susceptible to cataracts. Typical indications with regard to cataracts include a brownish or yellowish pigment that is gradually deposited inside the lens of the eye.

Cataract development also causes the lens of the eye to become distorted to a degree. As such, cataracts reduce the amount of light that is able to enter the eye and they also change the architecture of the eye itself. A common complaint that is often heard from patients with cataracts is that it is difficult to distinguish colors and sharp contrast changes. When cataracts are present everything from reading a book to driving an automobile becomes more difficult. Bright lights and glare from lights tends to cause distress in cataract patients. Most notably, cataracts can make it difficult to recognize familiar faces. Cataract surgery intended to eliminate the negative effects of cataracts is one of the best remedies for this common condition. The process involves removing the cloudy lens and implanting a new artificial lens designed to completely restore vision. Many patients also report that reading glasses become less effective as cataracts progress. Eventually reading glasses no longer are able to allow a patient to read normally. Those with cataracts should know that they have options and can enjoy a better quality of life through the process of simple surgical procedures. Arizona Eye Center has been helping patients throughout Phoenix and the surrounding communities for several years running with regard to cataracts. Contact Arizona Eye Center today to learn more about the many options available with regard to cataract surgery.