Dealing With Excess Eyelid Skin

Arizona Eye Center Procedures – Blepharoplasty

Disfiguration and deformities as well as a variety of defects that affect the eyelids can be treated with a procedure known as Blepharoplasty. The simple and highly effective plastic surgery procedure is used to change or modify skin abnormalities associated with the human eye. In particular the procedures specializes in correcting excess tissue surrounding the eye or parts of the eyelid. Eyelid surgery has been proven to be one of the best methods for improving not only physical appearance but in many cases vision. Additional skin located around eye or parts of the eyelid that requires removal or adjustment through the use of Blepharoplasty typically have extremely high success rates. Because the skin that composes the eyelids is some of the thinnest type of skin found anywhere on the body it requires special attention with regard to surgery.

A variety of conditions associated with eyelid skin and skin around the immediate eye area includes eyelids that either turned inward or outward, droopy eyelids that may affect vision, and excess eyelid skin that can also have an impact on the quality of vision that the patient experiences. The surgery is important because it not only improves the aesthetic looks of the patient but it also improves overall functionality with regard to the eyelids. Through the elimination of excess skin and the careful smoothing of eye muscles great success can be achieved for patients. Other work that can be accomplished during Blepharoplasty includes the reshaping of excess fatty tissue around the eye area as well as the tightening of supporting structures. All this combined is designed to produce a more natural looking and natural appearance with relation to the transition from the lower eyelid progressing towards the cheek.

In addition, other portions of the eye can be modified when performing Blepharoplasty. This includes surrounding tissues with regard to the eyebrows as well as upper nasal areas and even certain portions of the upper cheeks. This exacting an accurate plastic surgery has helped countless people achieve better vision and better physical appearance. Arizona Eye Center has developed a reputation for delivering high quality eye care services for patients of all ages. Considered one of the premier eye centers throughout Phoenix and the surrounding communities, Arizona Eye Center offers patients more options and more opportunities for improved vision and improved physical appearance than most would imagine.