How Can LASIK Help Me?

How Can LASIK Help Me?

LASIK is simply a short term for laser eye surgery. The important thing to know about LASIK is that is a highly effective treatment for a variety of conditions. LASIK is credited with helping countless people to become free from reading glasses and contacts. Working with the latest technology and state-of-the-art lasers, surgeons are able to effectively reshape the eye’s cornea in such a way that allows the patient to focus more accurately.

Permanent And Effective Alternative To Contact Lens And Eyeglasses

Unlike the days when laser surgery was not even an option, today vision surgery is fast, convenient and painless. LASIK has many uses allowing surgeons to correct a wide range of conditions. A surgeon using LASIK can correct everything from myopia to hyperopia, and even various stages of astigmatism. In many instances the procedure offers a permanent and effective alternative to contact lens and eyeglasses. One of the keys to a successful LASIK procedure is having a pre-operative exam and learning about the procedure before hand. The procedure has had very good success and has helped many people to enjoy better vision.

An Adjustment To Correct Vision

Advanced lasers are very effective at correcting vision and produce almost immediate results. Most patients report improved vision usually within the same day. In addition, the procedure requires no stitches or bandages. LASIK can also be used at a later time as an adjustment to correct vision as the patient ages. Most patients report a dramatic reduction in the need for contacts or reading glasses. In many cases patients report that they no longer require glasses or contacts at all. Reshaping the cornea with laser surgery has become very common and has developed into a safe and routine set of procedures over the years.

Correcting Refractive Errors In Eyes

The actual term LASIK refers to the following phrase; laser in situ keratomileusis. This term simply refers to the use of a laser to work under a corneal flap in an effort to reshape the cornea. Laser eye surgery can be used to greatly improve vision with minimally invasive techniques. Correcting refractive errors in eyes has advanced significantly since the introduction of laser surgery. More people than ever before are taking advantage of LASIK to gain improved vision and to reduce their dependency on glasses and contacts. Contact Arizona Eye Center today and explore your options with regard to LASIK.