Macular Degeneration Information

Arizona Eye Center Procedures – Macular Degeneration

Considered an age-related condition, macular degeneration is a condition that often affects older individuals. This insidious disease is troublesome because it often leads to the loss of vision with regard to the center vision field of the eye. The disease is also characterized by causing irreversible damage to the retina located within the eye structure. The condition is one of the more common causes of blindness in people that are over 50 years of age. It also make it virtually impossible to read normally or recognize familiar faces. One key feature of this disease is that an individual with macular degeneration still retains peripheral vision capabilities. While it is difficult, many activities associated with daily routines can still be accomplished through the use of peripheral vision in patients with macular degeneration. Because the macula is a unique part of the eye that is tasked with providing central vision, overall vision quality is substantially affected by this condition.

Because of the gradual deterioration of the eye’s macula the disease can sometimes be undetected in the early stages and can result in a progressively worse condition over time. In addition, because there is no known cure at present with regard to macular degeneration the best way to handle this condition is early detection. Some common symptoms with regard to macular degeneration include when familiar faces become difficult or impossible to recognize, as well as when straight lines written or printed on paper become wavy. These are clear signs that macular degeneration may be present. However, it is important for eye patients to always visit their Eye care Center for a definitive answer with regard to this type of eye condition. Arizona Eye Center has been helping the residents of Phoenix and the surrounding communities for several years running with regard to this common eye condition.

Arizona Eye Center will always discuss procedures with patients and offer the most beneficial options with regard to a variety of treatments that include surgical and non-surgical procedures. With a friendly and knowledgeable staff and the use of state-of-the-art equipment, patients can be sure that they are getting the best eye care possible when they visit Arizona Eye Center. From improving overall vision to improving physical appearance, comprehensive eye care that is handled by medical professionals can make a big difference in an individual’s life. Taking full advantage of advanced techniques and the latest technology, Arizona Eye Center can help you achieve your vision objectives.