Making Sense Of Macular Degeneration

Making Sense Of Macular Degeneration

The disease known as macular degeneration is a disease that develops in many instances as a result of the regular aging process. The disease is indicated by the gradual deterioration of the eye’s macula, a part of the eye that is located in the retina. The primary function of the macula is to allow the eye to focus on fine detail. When this part of the eye is not functioning the way that it should vision is negatively affected.

Inability To Read Words On A Page Because They Appear To Be Blurry

An improperly functioning macula causes central vision to slowly become darker and eventually distorted. A good example of this is when straight written lines begin to look wavy. Other visual cues that this condition may be developing include the inability to read words on a page because they appear to be blurry. Perhaps one of the most sobering symptoms of this insidious disease is when familiar faces become difficult to recognize. This is a clear sign that something is indeed wrong and that an eye exam with an eye doctor is probably a good idea.

Certain Fields Of Vision Such As The Peripheral Vision

One of the biggest concerns with regard to this eye disease is that it has a profound affect on one’s overall quality of life. While there are no cures or treatments designed to reverse or stop the progression of the disease, there are ways to improve the immediate quality of life for those that have this disease. For example, patients with macular degeneration can often still see through certain fields of vision such as the peripheral vision. Some publications and books are available in large print that allows a patient with this type of disease to still read.

Still Live A Relatively Normal Life

Depending on the level of progression of the disease a patient can still function and still live a relatively normal life. However, as this disease progresses normal activity becomes more difficult until possible blindness occurs. One of the best ways to know if macular degeneration is developing is to plan a visit with your local eye care professional. The Arizona Eye Center is a premier eye care facility that can help patients with a wide array of eye conditions. Call or visit today and keep you eyes in the best condition possible.