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The Thinnest Skin Found On The Body

The best eye doctor Gilbert Az trusts to handle a wide range of eye related disorders including droopy eyelids is easy to find. In fact, locating a quality ophthalmologist in the area usually only requires talking with your local healthcare provider to get a recommendation. When talking about eye disorder such as droopy eyelids it is important to know that treatment such as blepharoplasty is highly effective in correcting this type of condition. The most common cause for this type of condition is an excess amount of skin in and around the eyelids being present. Because the eyelids are made up of the thinnest skin found on the body it does tend to stretch.

Eyelid Related Conditions

The most skilled and qualified eye doctor in Gilbert AZ can assist patients in correcting droopy eyelids as well as eyelids that are turned inward or outward. It is important to have these conditions looked at by a skilled and qualified ophthalmologist. The ophthalmologist can quickly determine the best course of action to take with regard to eyelid related conditions. This is important because these conditions can create ongoing problems with vision. For example, chronic eye discomfort and reduced quality of vision or field of vision are typical the results of having this type of condition. It is also common for individuals with eyelid problems to actually look older than they really are.

Advanced Procedures And Techniques Using Laser Surgery

Through the procedure of blepharoplasty additional skin in and around the eyelids can be safely removed. An optometrist Gilbert AZ eye patient’s turn to for help with this type of disorder can greatly improve the patient’s quality of vision and overall appearance. In addition, advanced procedures and techniques using laser surgery can further improve the end result with regard to eye related surgery. It is also important to note that regular and routine annual eye exams should always be a part of any overall eye care program. Annual exams allow an eye doctor to detect any unusual changes in the overall condition of the patient’s eyes. Contact an experienced eye care center today and always keep your eyes in excellent health

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We conduct many procedures from eye exams, the latest laser vision correction, cataract surgery, corneal surgery, eyelid rejuvenation, and more, to provide the best results for you. We are proud of our outstanding “cataract outcomes” — just ask us about this!