The Effective Treatment Of Glaucoma

The Effective Treatment Of Glaucoma

Glaucoma is a serious disease that affects the optic nerve. Because the optic nerve is the primary nerve within the eye that delivers vision signals directly to the brain, Glaucoma can have a profound affect on one’s ability to see normally. The optic nerve contains literally millions of cells that each individual is born with. When glaucoma affects a patient’s eye, these important cells “die” off at an alarming rate. Glaucoma can become seriously debilitating to normal vision when nerves that are vulnerable within the eye associated with peripheral of vision are involved.

Eventually Causing The Patient To Have Tunnel Vision

One of the primary concerns regarding glaucoma is that its effects related to nerve damage within the eye are irreversible. In addition, the disease is considered dangerous because there are typically few if any symptoms. The disease is known for affecting the peripheral vision in a slow and gradual way eventually causing the patient to have tunnel vision. One of the early signs of glaucoma that can often be identified in a patient is high eye pressure. However, with that said, as many as 30% of glaucoma patients will indicate normal eye pressure.

Pressure In The Eye Can Be Lowered Using Eye Drops

With the current technology available to eye surgeons, ophthalmologists and general eye care providers, lowering eye pressure is the only known effective treatment for glaucoma. There are several methods for effectively lowering eye pressure as a way to deal with glaucoma. Pressure in the eye can be lowered using eye drops, various types of laser surgery, and in some cases the use of oral medication. Whatever method is chosen, one thing is certain and that is that glaucoma must be addressed when it is discovered.

Regular Routine Eye Exams

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