What Is Causing A Decrease In Your Vision?

What Is Causing A Decrease In Your Vision?

While there are many reasons for decreases in vision, one of the more common conditions that will lead to decreased vision is cataract development. This common condition develops when the lens within the eye becomes clouded leading to decreased levels of vision. In addition, many advanced cases of cataracts can and do ultimately lead to blindness. Fortunately for those dealing with this eye disorder, surgery can often remedy the situation. An ophthalmologist or eye surgeon that specializes in this type of work can help patients avoid more serious conditions such as blindness by simply addressing cataracts in their earlier stages of development.

The Lens Of The Eye Tends To Degrade Over Time

Typically speaking, cataracts can develop as a result of one’s biological age. However, there are many various causes for cataracts that an ophthalmologist can discuss with patients. A cataract can reduce the amount of light that passes through the lens of the eye to the retina. This is the primary reason for vision problems associated with cataracts. Normal activities such as driving, watching television or recognizing familiar faces become difficult or impossible with cataracts. The lens of the eye tends to degrade over time and with age making cataracts more common in older individuals. Other causes of cataracts include severe trauma to the head or eye area. Drug use, medications and genetics as well as various diseases can all have a contributing role in the development of cataracts.

Decreasing The Negative Effects Of Cataracts

Dealing with blurry vision or reduced vision does not have to be a way of life for those with cataracts. Great advances in eye surgery and other techniques have made cataracts highly treatable with great levels of success. Talk with your ophthalmologist or eye surgeon to explore your options with regard to decreasing the negative effects of cataracts. Eye surgery is perhaps the best option for mitigating the effects of cataracts. Seeing better and living a more normal life after having cataract surgery is a very real possibility. However, taking the first step in meeting with your ophthalmologist or eye surgeon is one of the best ways to eliminate cataracts. Visit your local eye care center today and begin on the journey to living a life without cataracts.