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Just like any other part of your body, eyes require special care and attention to maintain health and detect problems. 

Regular, comprehensive eye exams are the best way to care for your eyes, prevent issues, and treat eye conditions that may arise. 

Many treatable eye conditions go undetected each year because of the lack of basic eye care from routine eye exams. Schedule your routine eye exam today and take a proactive approach to your vision and eye health.

How often should you have an eye exam?

Frequency of eye exams depend on many factors, including your health history, existing vision problems, family history, and risk factors. Below are basic guidelines for routine eye exams for healthy individuals.

Ages 19 to 65

Every one to two years, as recommended by an eye professional.

Ages 65+

Annual eye exams are recommended for those ages 65 and up.

Signs Your Eyes are Getting Older


Your regular eye exam will include a medical history, a vision test, and other tests to check the overall health of your eye.  

Comprehensive eye exams are essential to diagnosing everything from mild vision problems to serious eye conditions. 

Most people should have their regular eye exam annually, or as recommended by their eye care professional. 

Remember to schedule an additional exam should your vision change, you experience symptoms, or have had an injury to your eye. 

Diagnosing Eye Conditions

Vision Problems

Every eye exam will include a vision test. This is important to diagnose vision problems, or to monitor existing ones.

Mild Eye Conditions

Common, mild eye problems such as dry eye are easily detected and treated with routine eye exams.

Serious Eye Conditions

Many serious eye conditions such as glaucoma, cataracts, and macular degeneration can be prevented or treated with routine exams.

If you are concerned about any vision problems you may be experiencing, call Arizona Eye Center today at 480-963-3881. 

Eye Exams as Part of Your Overall Health

Routine eye exams should be considered a part of your overall health. In fact, your eye care professional may detect other health problems during your exam, including hypertension and diabetes.

Treatment Options

The Importance of Complete Eye Exams

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